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Are you looking for a kin run like a frathouse and where kinchat sounds like glff? Do you feel most comfortable hanging out with kin-hoppers, ragequitters, moochers and raiders in full boasting mode? Is game content (or other players) something that gets in your way of racing to the loot?

Then this isn’t the kin for you.


Founded over two years ago, t
he Brotherhood of the Wolf is an active kin of mature gamers (minimum age of 18, but we look for maturity in the person, not in purely chronological age). We have a well-stocked kinhouse and support our members at all levels with crafting, grouping, advice, camaraderie, and much more.

But we are also a teaching kin that believes that there is nothing wrong with inexperience that a little help and practical experience can’t solve. We welcome those who like working in groups and are always seeking to improve their game, and especially those who understand that the strength of the wolf is in the pack. We have a strong grouping/raiding alliance with four other kins with a similar approach to the game, even though we are all different (two are light RPing kins, one is a general kin, one is a small raiding kin.)

Our favourite kinchat posting is always, 'Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Wolf!'

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